What I'm Listening To —

Pretty Big Deal podcast hosted by Ashley Graham. You can listen from your preferred podcast app, but she also films them and publishes them to YouTube. Ms Graham interviews other famous women and she has an almost Oprah-esque way of getting to the meat of her conversations. She covers current events and of-the-moment topics with a heavy dose of social commentary. So when you wanna chit chat about gun control initiatives or modern day feminism, but you’re also curious about how Kim K really felt about that gold Versace dress she wore to the Met Gala, tune in.

Where I’m Going —

Okay, I try to not to get too local here ‘cause, hello, The Good Life is for everybody, but this spot is worth a plane ride! Ken Fulk, the interior designer is the prince of San Francisco if you ask me. You’ve probably seen his work somewhere on Pinterest. His latest gift to the city here is his restoration of an old church into a part members club, part art gallery, part boutique, renamed as Saint Joseph’s Arts Society. It is, in his own words, “a place to celebrate how art in every form elevates our lives.” You can see this glorious piece of work here and here.

What I’m Gifting —

Is there anything better during the winter than a sack of fresh citrus? Not that I can think of! My favorite gift to give to neighbors and colleagues is a clear cellophane bag filled with mandarin oranges all tied up with a giant red satin bow. Get the bags here and grab a roll of ribbon here (trust me on the 3-inch width of this ribbon and ignore their “possible use” suggestions...I’m just tryin’ to get you the best deal here!)

What I’m Using ––

Gratitude.  The biggest lesson from my first full year in business is that “what you appreciate, appreciates.” And as I’ve taken that mantra to heart, I’ve learned that gratitude is my most powerful tool for any endeavor. Give it a whirl.

What I’m Wearing ––

A departure from my usual earthy, masculine scent preferences, this perfume is a refreshing new scent for me.  

Who I’m Following ––

Outstanding In The Field hosts dinner parties like you’ve never seen, popping up at farms and in fields across the US.  Their purpose and approach to these dinner parties is exactly what The Good Life is all about - gathering friends and strangers, food and drink served with heart and meaning, without fuss for the details that don’t matter.  I haven’t attended one of their dinners yet - anyone want to join me in 2019?

I hope you enjoy this month's edit. Better yet, I hope that you find even more ways to live The Good Life and that you always choose to see, smell, feel, taste, and hear more of the good stuff than the bad stuff. You're destined for joy. 'Tis the season, after all!


Sloane Haglund