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What I'm Listening To —

This song hits me right in the 'new year, new me' vibes. Bonus vibes when turning it up in your car. 

Where I'm Going —

The post office.  Gifts are my love language and after receiving this for Christmas, I vowed to put a note or a token in the mail at least once a week this year. 

What I'm Wearing —

NARS Red Lizard in semi-matte.  The perfect merlot shade for girls who hate coral or peachy tones as much as I do.  

What I'm Watching —

We're all watching the Marie Kondo show on Netflix, right?! Don't make it weird, but I used to watch clips of her on YouTube when I couldn't fall asleep. Listening to her talk while she's tidying up is practically meditative and this new show is just perfect. Like a very gentle version of 'Hoarders.' 

What I'm Drinking —

If you follow any sort of health/wellness IG accounts, you likely already know about this latest "magical healing elixir": celery juice.  My juicer seemed happy to be back out of the pantry after months (okay, years) of neglect and my body was also happy for nutrients from a food group other than bread.  If you don't have a juicer, you can also use this blender method.  And if you don't like celery, don't bother.  16 oz every morning is a potent potion, even if you enjoy the taste of celery. 

Who I'm Following —

Like the rest of instagram, I really can't get enough of Putnam & Putnam.  Here's why: they know that the negative space is just as important as the fullness in their arrangementsannnndthey incorporate fruit into most of their tablescapes which I'm extremely partial to.  

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Happy New Year, 

Sloane Haglund