What I'm Listening To —

The classics on Spotify.  I hit play on this bad-boy every morning as soon as I get up. Brush my teeth to Beethoven, wash my face to Wolfgang, and prepare my cup of coffee to Chopin. It’s a day-changer, y’all. Try it.


Where I’m Going —

Comin at you live from The Wing! The women-only community and co-working space finally made their way west and opened up in SF which gave me the opportunity to be a bonafide wing woman and with their all-access membership, I’m able to go their space when I’m in DC. Without getting too political, I have to say that working in a space specifically designed for women helping women, is refreshing in every sense of the word.  


What I’m Gifting —

Hill House Home Pillowcase Set for the #powercouple in your life.


What I’m Using ––

You wash your hands every day. Make it a moment. This is the hand soap that I use - scrub a dub, take two deeeeeep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, rinse, pat dry and have a better day!


What I’m Wearing ––

Much to the shock and dismay of everyone in California, I wear black every day.  So no surprise here, a black cashmere blanket scarf from Zara.


Who I’m Following ––

For mood, vibes, and aesthetic, nobody does it better than Lauren Faye on her account @c_l_o. I visit her page at least twice a week.

Sloane Haglund