Congratulations! You’re reading the first official TFE Newsletter. Dare I say…collectors edition?

What I'm listening to —

This song makes me feel like Kendall Jenner yachting off the coast of France.  


Where I'm going (in my mind) —

Mott 32 We were in Hong Kong for a couple of days last week before heading to Chiang Mai for an industry event and I had our meals days in HK all planned out.  Upon arriving, a ‘super typhoon’ (yeah, that’s the official classification) followed shortly behind us. We had to stay in our hotel, away from all windows and did NOT go Mott 32.  


What I'm wearing —

I’ve been shifting my entire wardrobe to a uniform of my own design. Frankly, I need the brain space that ‘what should I wear today?’ was taking too much of. It’s a daily decision that I’m done deciding. Whittling down my footwear to a minimal collection was step one. After buying and trying at least 10 pairs of boots, I put my tired foot down and dropped some serious coin for these babies.  Fewer, better things, right?


What I'm using —

I was introduced to Laurel Whole Plant Organics from a local aesthetician where we live in Oakland. One of the first things she said to me before giving me my first lymphatic drainage massage was, ‘most of what you put on your skin every day is absorbed into your body just like anything you ingest by eating or drinking.’ This was something that hit me like a ton of bricks. I went home with my sample set of cleanser, elixir & healing balm and read everything I could about Laurel and her approach to skincare. I’m especially intrigued by her stance on sunscreen. I’ve been using her formulations for months now and my skin is so, so happy.


What I'm drinking —

Almond milk lattes from Peet’s Coffee.  After being strictly devoted to iced mochas, I made the switch to almond milk lattes.  For some reason, Peet’s makes the best one - requires no sweetner. And yeah, I know it’s September and I know I’m a white girl, but y’all can miss me with that #PSL life - yuck.


Who I'm following —

If I had to follow only one account on IG, I think it’d be this one.

Sloane Haglund