Wedding Day Fragrance


As we all know, the power of scent is immeasurable. Aside from good photography, the very best way to remember the way you felt on your wedding day is through a distinctive scent. There are SO many ways to do this. Start playing with new perfumes and colognes after you get engaged. Find one that’s unique - you don’t want to be smelling ‘your’ scent when a group of teenagers walk past you (I’m looking at you Acqua Di Gio).

Many fragrance houses will work with you to create a custom scent. When you find your perfect scent, get it in as many ways as you can — lotions, washes, roll-on’s, and candles. Refrain from using it until the week leading up to and during your wedding weekend.  


By gifting your guests an element of your signature scent, you’re giving the gift of memory. Long after your wedding weekend, they’ll be able to apply the hand creme or light the candle and be instantly transported to what’s likely to be one of their favorite memories.

For scents that conjure memories, @dsanddurga, based out of New York, are my go-to. Candles are exquisite gifts for your guests (*best paired with a personalized matchbook). But if $65/candle isn’t in the budget –– one of my favorite things they do is this car freshener. Each freshener is only 10 BUCKS 👀 so if you’re not tryna be the Oprah of candles, this is an incredibly unique alternative.

Seriously, don’t overlook this little detail of your wedding weekend.

Sloane Haglund