The Best Wedding Welcome Activities


When you’re hosting your wedding in ‘your’ city, there’s A LOT to consider. From the time your first guests touch down at the airport, you can expect a text message from them and just like that, you’re hosting.

The guests that arrive on Thursday or Friday before your wedding day usually fall into two categories:

Parents, close friends + family, and wedding party


Relatives or friends that have opted to extend their time in ‘your’ city for a personal trip - perhaps they’ve even brought their kids along.

When I’m helping couples plan an event for these two categories of guests, I like to find something that checks the following boxes:

  • Fun for all ages

  • Has food & beverage (or can be incorporated easily)

  • Doesn’t make a huge dent in the budget

  • An environment that makes it easy for everyone to casually interact

Doesn’t sound too hard to find, right?  It’s really not! Here’s a few ideas to get the wheels turning for you and your guests:

Baseball Game

I love this activity because group tickets are easy to buy and you can include any dollar amount of food & beverage vouchers on each ticket.  PROTIP: Stick to the nosebleeds because your party will probably be talking more that the season ticket holders will appreciate.

Walking Tour

Most major cities have a-ma-zing walking tour guides.  Tours can be completely customized to the needs/likes of your group and can be very specific to the city where you’re hosting. Think outside the box here.  I once helped the father-of-the-bride plan an Abraham Lincoln Assassination Tour in Washington, D.C.


This one’s a given.  Find the most interesting one in your city and ask them about their group rates, private events and available food & beverage.

Arcade Day

Where we live in San Francisco, there’s an arcade that has one of the largest collections of antique coin-operated arcade games.  The entry is free and it’s completely unique to the city of San Francisco. You don’t need to have an arcade in your city that’s as special as this one, any place where your guests can play, chat, grab a drink is a great spot to let your family and friends get to know each other before you tie the knot.  


The best part about all of these activities is timing - for your wedding party that’s likely in town, you’ll have plenty of time after one of these activities to go on a bar crawl or order champagne to your hotel room for you, your spouse-to-be and your best pals.  Have fun!