What is The Good Life?


I’ve been designing and party planning ever since I can remember. Birthday parties, holiday gatherings, social events - if they were being hosted at our home, I was designer-in-chief. I was always in charge of designing and setting the tablescape, place cards and centerpieces. For my 9th birthday, I hosted a baby-shower themed pool party. Oh, you’ve never been to one? Well here’s what it was like — each guest brought their favorite baby dolls, we played baby shower games and in addition to cake and ice cream, we also served the tastiest baby food that Gerber made (it’s peach, by the way). I even retained the services of a real baby to make an appearance and let all of us girls hold him.

I was born with the determination to experience the best that the world has to offer.  And beyond that, I learned very quickly that everything is better when it’s shared. Oprah has since confirmed this many times on her talk show. It’s that near-obsession with enjoying the best of life that has propelled me to master the craft of celebrations and to revel in life’s joy, wonder & excitement alongside others in pursuit of The Good Life.

I’ve helped many brides and grooms plan their wedding day and in doing so, I’ve learned that the couples who ‘love their day so much, they feel like they could just..burst’ are usually the couples who’ve already unlocked the secret to life - which is the understanding that what’s so wonderful about this life is already all around you. The wedding celebration only magnifies that understanding.

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Sloane Haglund