A wedding planning concierge.

The Max


This service includes all the design direction and vendor recommendations that come with The Mini, plus we guide you through the logistics that will guarantee an unforgettable wedding weekend for you and your guests. Wedding day/weekend logistics include:

+ Welcome Party
+ Welcome Itinerary
+ Welcome Gift
+ Custom Activities and Excursions
+ Rehearsal Dinner
+ Farewell Brunch
+ Guest Transportation

After we’ve locked down the design direction, day-of logistics, and made recommendations for your creative partners, we help you shop for your wedding rentals. We handle the ordering + follow up + delivery.  We work with the top rental companies in the Bay Area to bring you a curated collection, including:

+ Tables
+ Chairs
+ Ceremony decor
+ Lounge furniture
+ Pillows
+ Linens & Napkins
+ Tenting
+ Lighting
+ Table Settings (flatware, glassware, chargers and plates)
+ Serveware
+ Candles
+ Bar & Barware

This package includes 3 months of working together, with two 45-min phone calls each month and access to email with follow up questions throughout the 3 months. At the end of this time, you’ll have a completely customized vision board, your wedding day timeline and one invoice for all your rentals.

$325 / Month for 3 Months


Some FAQs:

+ I know I want a day-of coordinator – do you help me find one?

If you’ve done any research to find a month-of or day-of wedding planner then you know how overwhelming the shopping and vetting process can be. Personalities and prices vary greatly from planner to planner. As with all other vendor recommendations we provide, we’ll help you decipher the differences between all your options and make determinations based on your exact needs. As part of the logistics help included with The Max, we work closely with you, our clients, and our favorite local wedding planners to match you with the right coordinator –– one that perfectly suits your personality, your wedding plan, and your financial expectations.

+ In addition to rentals, do you also manage the contracts for other vendors?

Over the years, we have noticed that managing the rental orders –– that is, updating the numbers, tracking the shipments, and overseeing the delivery and pickup –– is much more tedious than the other contracts you’ll retain from your creative partners. As professional wedding planners and your trusted liaison, this is just one of those things that works best if we handle it on your behalf. We will work with the on-site coordinator at your venue as well as your day-of or month-of coordinator to ensure that you get what you ordered, on time and that all of it is taken down and picked up, on time –– therefore avoiding extra fees. In addition to your rental vendors, we offer a lot of advisement when it comes to shopping for all your service providers and culling through the myriad of contract proposals that you’ll collect as you plan your wedding. We help you with the dialogue between you and your florist, caterer and musicians and we help you understand the timing and pricing of your photography and videography contracts, but those contracts require less oversight during the week of your wedding and will be managed by your day-of or month-of coordinator.

We have personally vetted each vendor that we recommend and we stand by their quality of product and their customer experience. That said, you are absolutely under no obligation to purchase from any of the recommendations we make for you. And we will be totally honest with you if we do not recommend a particular vendor.

Want to keep shopping?

If you want to keep looking around, view our full services page to compare The Mini and The Max. Whether you're looking for instant guidance or long-term advice, we want to answer all your burning questions and connect you to the creative partners - a.k.a. wedding vendors - that are right for you.

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