A wedding planning concierge.

The Mini


Together we’ll edit your vision, help you prioritize the design details and, based on your style and personality, connect you to creative partners that will execute the wedding day of your dreams.  

It’s true what they say, that “love is in the details.” Your design elements not only serve to convey your love story and your personalities, but the effort and attention you put forth towards the details tells your guests how much you value their efforts to come celebrate with you. Design elements include:

+ Photography Style
+ Wedding Invitation Suite & Day-of Papers
+ Linens
+ Ceremony Floral Elements: Aisle & Altar
+ Reception Floral Elements: Tabletop & Decor
+ Music & Sound
+ Personalization
+ Welcome Gifts & Favors
+ Ceremony & Reception Layout

Your creative partners are the teams of people who help make your day successful by bringing your design elements to life through music, lighting and food + beverage. This group of people also includes, your photographer, videographer, florist and day-of coordinator. We connect you to the right teams of people based on your personality, the logistics of your day and/or weekend, and your financial expectations.

This package includes 1 month of working together, with two 45-min phone calls and access to email with follow up questions throughout the month. At the end of this time, your customized vision board will help you communicate clearly + effectively with your professionally-curated creative team.

$395 for 1 Month


Some FAQs:

+ Does The Mini include a vendor recommendation for a day-of coordinator?

If you’ve done any research to find a month-of or day-of wedding planner then you know how overwhelming the shopping and vetting process can be. Personalities and prices vary greatly from planner to planner. As with all other vendor recommendations we provide, we’ll help you decipher the differences between all your options and make determinations based on your exact needs. We work closely with you, our clients, and our favorite local wedding planners to provide you with qualified options for you to choose from –– options that suit your personality, your wedding plan, and your financial expectations.

+ What if I want more help after one month?

You can upgrade to The Max anytime during your time with us at which point your monthly payment will be prorated to account for the discrepancy in the price per month between the two services.

We have personally vetted each vendor that we recommend and we stand by their quality of product and their customer experience. That said, you are absolutely under no obligation to purchase from any of the recommendations we make for you. And we will be totally honest with you if we do not recommend a particular vendor.

Want to keep shopping?

If you want to keep looking around, view our full services page to compare The Mini and The Max. Whether you're looking for instant guidance or long-term advice, we want to answer all your burning questions and connect you to the creative partners - a.k.a. wedding vendors - that are right for you.

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